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Pedagogy Subjects / Sanskrit

Scope of Studying Sanskrit as a Method Paper :

Now a day’s even Vedic pathshalas teach core subjects such as mathematics, science, history, geography etc. along with Sanskrit. This helps them to earn the lively hood. By learning Sanskrit alone, you can become a professor, a great scholar, and a good writer too. Again for your writing you have to switch on to English or other regional language, because the number of Sanskrit magazines is very less and the readership is very small. Sanskrit may not fetch you lucrative salaries; but definitely you will grow wise. You will be able to peep into the mysteries of life and get answers to many unanswered questions on life, death, god etc. which are not dealt in any other discipline. The wisdom which Sanskrit literature possesses is very profound and vast in the entire world. Sanskrit has rich inheritance in many spheres of knowledge such as literature, philosophy, Ayurveda, science atomic / nuclear science, astronomy, architecture etc. A prudent person should make the best use of the existing rich ancient wisdom and translate it into modern innovative science for the welfare of the entire humanity. For this the knowledge of Sanskrit is very essential. At least one should be able to read in between the lines, keeping the existing literal translation. At present a major chunk of this ancient Sanskrit literature in both Shruti and Smriti section is lost. But for pursuing the existing literature itself, one life time is not sufficient. Therefore, recognise the unfathomable wealth of wisdom of our ancient seers and pursue Sanskrit as passion, help promotion of Sanskrit. Our Kingston Teacher’s Training College has given the opportunity to nurture the Sanskrit language to their ‘would be teacher’ those who are seeking admission in B.Ed course here. There are limited colleges in Kolkata who provide Sanskrit as method paper and Kingston Teacher’s Training College is one of them.