Pedagogy Subjects / English

Scope of Studying English as a Method Paper :

In modern day society one has to learn English at any stage of his/her life. The knowledge of English language and literature serve as a nectar to achieve success in life. To make our society English friendly we need well-trained and skilled teachers. The critical measure of a man is not where he plunks in moment of comfort and convenience but where he stands in the times of challenge and controversy. The key to life is accepting challenges. We at Kingston Teachers’ Training College nurture the students to take up challenges to achieve victory and to become champions and prove their talent. To accomplish this, the college provides the right infrastructure, committed faculty and other learning resources which help to mould the students into excellent personalities. Thus Kingston Teachers’ Training College herald the blessing of brighter future for all English method subject students aspiring to mould their future as a successful teacher. I wish all my students Best of Luck in all their future endeavours.