Pedagogy Subjects / Geography

Scope of Studying Geography as a Method Paper :

Geography Teacher is a professional who teaches students about physical and regional geography, earth sciences, how technology relates to geography and environmental or cultural elements of the discipline. Geography Teachers expose students to the relationship between people and their geographic region and how humans might have adapted to their surroundings. They might use visual materials or technology to assist students in learning geographic topics. In addition to developing and teaching lesson plans, geography teachers could plan field trips and research projects that present geographical elements of local, International or unique areas. Geography Teachers have a lot of career scopes after passing prescribed courses for becoming a teacher. Geography subject has wide scope in many fields both in teaching or searching. A course in Geography covers almost all the subjects such as environment, people, economy, ocean, physical features of the earth, agriculture, natural resources etc. The minimum educational qualification for becoming a Geography Teacher is Bachelor’s Degree with Geography and some certain qualification like B.Ed. Geography teachers share their expertise with students from middle school to college. They prepare lessons about geography and how people are influenced by or interact with their surroundings. Geography teachers may also design field trips for their students. Becoming a geography teacher requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree with a focus on both teacher education and geography or a similar field. Geography teachers at the middle and high school levels also need a state teaching license to work in public schools.