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Pedagogy Subjects / Life Science

Scope of Studying Life Science as a Method Paper :

B.Ed. in Biological Sciences is a 2-year full-time graduate certificate-level course in education. This professional course is best suited for candidates wishing to pursue teaching jobs in schools, etc. B.Ed. is now a mandatory qualification for teaching at Secondary (class IX and X) and Higher Secondary (classes XI and XII) levels of education. Biology is the discipline of science concerning the human body and its relationship with the environment in general. Interested aspirants hail from areas such as research, academia, conservation centres, laboratories, consulting firms, non-for-profit, and private companies. Biology is subdivided into Zoology & Botany. Zoology concerns the study of the animal kingdom and Botany studies the plant kingdom. Enrolled students are imparted lessons in nuances of the discipline, particularly how the body functions and is affected by external factors, its mechanisms and disorders. Life science students have plenty of options after completing their basic graduation. They can either choose a job or can opt for further studies. Determination and hard work of the students will help them get a good job in the field they wish to get in and start their career.