Pedagogy Subjects / Mathematics

Scope of Studying Mathematics as a Method Paper :

While a maths graduate may spend a career exploring and teaching others theoretical mathematical knowledge, a qualification in the subject can also open doors to a wide range of professional fields. Employers appreciate the skills of data analysis and the innovative, original thinking that can be taught in a maths degree, and understand that this can make for an intelligent, well-rounded student who would be a valuable asset to their business. Maths graduates are often headhunted by the finance sector before they have even completed their studies, due to their known developed aptitude for financial mathematics and computational analysis that makes them ideal for positions such as an investment analyst or tax advisor. In a prestigious position such as an actuary or chartered accountant, a mathematics degree is only a first step, as qualification for these professions require years of further training and examination. Maths is also a subject closely interlinked to statistical analysis. This presents job opportunities in social research such as the compilation of survey and polling data, as well as in scientific studies in fields such as geography and medical statistics. While this work can be a source of full time employment following a bachelor’s degree, many institutes also offer postdoctoral positions as a research fellow or equivalent. There is also a clear pathway from the computer based skills learned in a mathematics degree to an IT or software development based career. Many video games programmers come from a maths background, combining creativity with technical aptitude to develop products in one of the fastest growing industries today. Security agencies will also employ a team of trained mathematicians, who will be using some of the most powerful computers in the world to develop cryptography and internet security.